Festival Memorial Weekend



Detroit techno has a home in Detroit at 3000 East Grand Boulevard. A home built on vinyl sweat and percussive dreams.
The newly renovated Submerge operation reopened its doors in 2002.
Submerge three-story music building is in the heart of Detroit cultural center, a short distance from Berry Gordy original Motown headquarters.


What is the World’s First Techno Museum?

This is the world’s first exhibit/museum that addresses the phenomena known as Detroit Techno. This museum explains from beginning to present on how Techno evolved in Detroit and who and what was involved in the development of it. It is a very interesting insight into how such a difficult environment was able to produce something that changed the world. Perhaps a lesson for your own community?

Where is the World’s First Techno Museum located?

The Museum is located Somewhere in Detroit. Guided Tours are by appointment only.

Can I stop by the Museum and come in at anytime without an appointment?

No appointment, no entry.  (During Memorial Weekend we have daily tours in the morning and afternoon. Store hours may vary. Please check SID Facebook page for more info at that time of the year).

How can I make an appointment to visit the Museum?

Please send us an email with your contact information and possible days/hours to come for a Guided Tour. Groups of 5 people maximum. We do not work 24/7 and/or may be out of town. Please be patient, we will respond as soon as we can. Masks are mandatory to enter and we practice COVID safety precautions.

Can I bring my professional camera/video recorder?

Professional recordings/photography is only allowed with an express permit by Mike Banks.

How much does the guided tour cost?

The Guided Tours are at no cost, we rely on records and merchandise sales to keep supporting Submerge.

How can I support the Museum?

You can donate via PayPal on the button below. You can also buy the Exhibit 3000 exclusive T-Shirt or, leave a donation when you visit us in the donation box. We appreciate it.