This genre-causing classic contains one of UR’s most influential tracks ever recorded, Hi Tech Jazz, for which a whole new situation of electronic music was created. The conditions that spawned jazz and the conditions that fueled Detroit techno are what really came together on this EP. To be excluded, ignored or worse not allowed usually end in a “FUCK YOU’ The inspiration for this record came from those who had the talent,had the drive, had the chops but were ignored back in the late 60’s, 70’s & 80’s because they didnt fit into what major record companies of their day were looking for! So finally they just “Did it themselves! We are talking Wendell Harrison & The Tribe, Marcus Belgraves and Mad Mikes jazz mentor Robert “Bobby” Barnes and an even later inspiration Larry “Mr. Fingers” Heard. No better way to upset and dethrone major record companies than to…….. start a movement that said “fuck you” to the commericial “Smooth Jazz” that was sucking innovation, experimentalism and the soul right out of Jazz and making it a household easy to digest pre-packaged PRODUCT!! This is the track that has influenced other hi-tech jazz groups and artists such as Timeline, Boulevard des Airs, Innerzone Orchestra, Jazzanova, Spiral Deluxe, Los Hermanos, Ian O’ Brian and many others. Listen to the beginning of a movement UR-025.

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