John Collins is the truth. An ALWAYS Detroiter, John has been DJing in and around the Detroit area for close to 40 years and plays nationally and internationally, as well. He has unique outstanding mixing skills and an ability to read a crowd while DJing to take them on a musical journey. His residencies at classic Detroit clubs including Cheeks, Warehouse, Landsdown, Times Square and Parabox were part of the foundation of the origination of Detroit Techno and House. In the 1990s, he had radio mix shows on Detroit stations WJLB and WDRQ and currently has a weekly Red Bull Radio show. In the studio, his edits include Sylvester’s “Find a Prayer,” Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s “Hi Tek Jazz,” most recently Jon Dixon’s “Fly Free,” and damn near anything on Happy Records and Simply Soul or by Members of the House as Mad Mike took every one of those records for test listening to John at the Warehouse Club in Detroit during the early 90s. To say the least, John was a huge part of the Happy/Soul sound. He, along with Ken Collier, allowed the young producers, especially Mad Mike Banks and Derwin Hall aka D-Ha, into the clubs to hear how their productions sounded over a sound system and gave them points and tips on both the mix and the structure of the tracks so that they would find success. We cannot overemphasize his importance in the development of many young Detroit producers who would later go on to find success. John has mad respect from the entire Detroit scene.


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