Mano De Fuego land on Yaxteq with the mighty Fuerza EP. In 2022, los hermanos Cedillo also known as Soul of Hex launched their Mano De Fueogo alias from Underground Resistance headquarters in Detroit. Their debut for Yaxteq showcases their versatillity as producers. Sagrada is pure musical magic for the dancefloor with rising chord swells, relentless bass and strings that reach into the cosmos. Aztec Obelisk gives a latin flavor to the classic Detroit electro-bass blueprint. Fuerza dives deep into hi-tech jazz including an interstellar saxophone improvisation courtesy of Tijuana’s own Manuel Paez Armendariz. DJ Dex then takes the soul of Fuerza and remixes it with the concrete foundation of jaaackin US house music. All tracks were mixed and arranged at the Yaxteq studio in Los Angeles. Saludos!!

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